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Biological Event--Control

Controlling Your Environment

Isolation: When handling infected humans or animals wear: Kitchen Gloves, Poncho, Mask, and Eye Protection

Rigid “cleanliness” must be observed!

Wash or spray all contaminated (non-food) surfaces or objects with a disinfectant such as Lysol brand spray or hot soapy water.

Food and fluid should come from sealed containers, however, in an emergency, food and water can be cooked in a pressure cooker for disinfection.

Contamination Prevention:

Eat only sealed foods.

Drink only sealed water.

Avoid using air conditioning and central heating.

Avoid crowds.

Avoid touching objects which may have been touched by other humans.

Wear a facemask or a scarf and gloves (Kitchen gloves, work gloves, surgical gloves etc.)

Over-garments such as raincoats, rubber boots, ponchos, old shirts and trousers will provide a layer of protection.

Wash your hands.


Some biological agents are quite contagious and can be readily passed from human to human. Stay away from where people gather—including hospitals, churches, games, malls and restaurants.

Insects which bite, such as mosquitoes or fleas can pass some diseases. Even household pets can become infected. Use insect repellant on exposed skin. Insect spray will help keep mosquitoes down.

Rodents can be a major reservoir for disease. If they are trapped or poisoned then they must not be handled without using disposable gloves and mask.


If you are sheltering in place and in your safe room, you must refresh your air supply every 2 to 3 hours, otherwise you could suffocate.

The door to your inner room may be opened for a few minutes so fresh air will enter. When doing this, wear your scarf or mask.

Make sure that you have no open food or exposed dishes. If there is a shower in the room with you, you should turn it on before the door is opened and leave it on until the door is closed.

This provides a moisture shield which will help keep radioactive contaminates or chemicals or biologicals at a minimum.

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