Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape comes in rolls of varying widths. Wider tape is more useful for some things, and narrower tape for others.

Adhesive tape is the medical equivalent of "Duct Tape." You can:

  • Repair
  • Label
  • Attach
  • Affix
  • Secure
  • Compress

...and find many other uses for it.

Try to keep a small roll of narrower adhesive tape in your IV bag, as you will need it for securing the IV catheter to the skin.

Keep another small roll of narrow adhesive tape with the intubation equipment as you will need it for taping the endotracheal tube to the face.

Tape Adhesive Surgical Porous Woven Rayon 3X10YDS

Weight: 0.25 pounds

NSN: 6515-00-926-8884

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