Large Battle Dressing

Large Battle Dressings are used for the largest wounds. They measure 12" X 12". Like the Medium Battle Dressings, they have four cloth (muslin) tails.
  • Tear open the plastic cover and remove the dressing.
  • Tear the inner paper wrapper and remove the Battle Dressing..
  • Unfold the absorbent portion of the dressing.
  • Place the white, absorbent side against the wound.
  • Wrap the olive drab "tails" around the body and dressing to keep it firmly in place.

When fully saturated, a Large Battle Dressing will contain about 650 ml of blood (A little more than one unit of whole blood).

The plastic wrapper can be used (with adhesive tape) to effectively occlude an open chest wound. For further information, see Chest Seal

Tear open the plastic wrap.

Unfold the bandage.

Apply to the wound.

Wrap the tails around and tie the ends together.


Dressing First Aid Field Brown Camouflaged 11.5-12""W X 11.5-12"" LG ABS

Weight: .31 pounds

NSN: 6510-00-201-7425

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